1993 mazda rx7 fd3s

Often times a car lover will fall in love with a particular car and never know the history of its design. We came across this short interesting article about the 3rd generation RX7's designer, Wu-Huang Chin.

Wu-Huang Chin's Mazda RX7 FD3S
Short insight into the design of the 3rd generation RX7.

Our friends at Mazcare have been recognized by Auto Inc Magazine (the official publication of the Automotive Service Association) for having one of the top 10 automotive service web sites of 2007. This is great news because it is a recognition of their continuing commitment to excellence in customer care and automotive craftsmanship. Congratulations Mazcare! See the site below as well as the featured article on Auto Inc's web site.

Mazcare Online
Visit the Mazcare Web site.
Auto Inc's Top 10 Web Sites of 2007
Read about the winners.

Happy New Year! Yeah, we're still here.

Jay Leno has been known for his very exlcusive automobile collection. Read about his Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S

Jay Leno's Cosmo Sport
Wiki RX7

Mazda proudly showcases its history with the rotary engine. If you ever wanted to know about it, this is the place to read about it. Nicely organized, well presented and informative.

Mazda's got the Spirit
Mazda Rotary History.
Mazda's Rotary Lineup
The full lineup of Mazda rotary vehicles.

The wikipedia write up of the Mazda RX7.

Wiki Wiki RX7
Wiki RX7

The Fast and the Furious is returning with the Veilside Fortune RX7.

Fast and Furious - Veilside Style
See the Veilside Fortune RX7 in action with screen shots from Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.
Fortunate One
An official Mazdaspeed write up on the Veilside Fortune RX7.

Mazda reveals the 'KABURA' concept.
Could this be a fourth generation RX-7? Read Below.

The Next Seven?
A new RX-7? Sign us up!

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Case of the Faulty Bumper
Interesting article about the Rotary Extreme 99 Style Bumper.

Boyrotor is live! YAY!

Operation 99
A 93 RX-7 gets a JDM 99 conversion.
What happens to an RX-7 in the hands of a true craftsman.

1993 mazda rx7 fd3s