by BoyRotor | Photography by Dan Hollister

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Daniel Williams is at a crossroad. With his life, with his 1993 Mazda RX7. New directions have given him perspective on how to approach his love of RX7s. ”I remember the days when I would chase how fast these cars could go.“ Daniel quietly recalls. ”Back then it was all about the speed.“

Mr. Williams is a quiet unassuming person with a bit of bite. He’ll tell you how it is with no apologies. Especially true when it comes to cars, and even more so when it comes to RX7s. Seasoned and wise, Mr. Williams has garnered impressive knowledge of Mazda’s prized rotary street fighter. He has the rare gift of good taste and mechanical know how. Together his talents have crafted an extremely unique RX7.

“This all started because I wanted this car to run better and faster” Williams remembers, “It was expensive and time consuming, but when you see results like this it’s extremely rewarding.” Open up the color matched genuine RE Amemiya vented carbon fiber hood and you’ll see the engine has completely been modified. A Greddy front mount intercooler, a HKS blow off valve, and Unorthodox aluminum pulleys are are just a sampling of what you see in this beautifully crafted engine bay. A lot of the OEM parts have been removed, replaced, or relocated (battery) to free up space in the engine bay. Why do this? Besides adding power and enhancing turbo response it helps the rotary powerplant to keep cooler temperatures. Remember, a cool rotary engine is a happy rotary engine.

Williams’ FD3S runs on a rebuilt stock engine with 3mm apex seals with upgraded 1300 injectors. 99 Efini Twin Turbos pump out 8 lbs for regular driving while 15 lbs and more are available by dialing in with an Apexi Super AFC Boost controller. Custom built air intakes are among some of the more creative engineering feats this car offers. Of interest are the 4 cooling fans that have been fitted to this car. “When you front mount the intercooler you have to move the AC condensor.” explains Williams, “Usually that new place does not receive the benefit of direct air contact.” To solve this problem Williams mounted an additional set of cooling fans to pull air into the AC condenser while the stock fans work with the upgraded Fluidyne racing radiator and Greddy front mount intercooler.

While the third generation RX-7’s suspension is world class, Williams opted to make it even better with complete Apexi N1 coil over adjustable shocks. Power Slotted Rotors and steel braided brake lines are the only brake upgrades. The seven delivers its exhaust through a Rotary Performance downpipe to a Rotary Performance midpipe and finally to an Apexi N1 muffler. Rest assured, this rotary beast has been synced and tuned to an Apexi Power FC fuel management computer.

”I’m really proud of this car and the work I have put into it to get it to this point.“ Williams says. ”It’s fast and it’s pretty, but time has caught up with me and these cars. They’re getting more rare and hard to find. My attitude has changed about how I will own this car in years to come. Now I’ll be chasing prestige and heritage and that means driving it like a normal car and letting it age with grace.“