The Next Seven?

by BoyRotor

In 1999, Mazda introduced the RX-EVOLV concept at the Tokyo Auto Show. Many thought it would be the basis for a new RX-7. It was a bright day again for rotary enthusiasts as Mazda showed it's commitment to the rotary engine. Eventually we learned that it was not another seven but a new concept in rotary engine sports cars. It was appropriately named the RX-8 to distinguish it from the RX-7. The RX-8, a worthy sports car in its own right still left rotary enthusiasts wanting more. Would we ever see a new seven?

Fast forward, 2006. While the MX-5 Miata has become synonymous with the Mazda brand and the RX-8 continues to sell well, what's going to happen in the next coming years? The new millennium has seen a resurgence in the sports car market and many automakers are planning to release a next generation sports car; Is this an opportune time to bring back the RX-7? Is it the right time for Mazda to reconnect with its past and strengthen its brand with the very name that brought them recognition. Seems like it MAY be so. Enter the 'KABURA', Mazda's new sports car concept. 'Kabura' is a Japanese word that means 'the first arrow released signaling the start of battle'. Is Mazda poised to release a new RX-7 to compete with the new generation of sports cars? If so, how is a new RX-7 rumored to be more like a first generation RX-7 AND be Mazda's lowest priced sports car going to compete with the likes of a next generation Supra, Skyline GTR or even a 3rd generation RX-7. Is this a serious contender to be the next RX-7 or is Mazda just trying to tease us once again?